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Semi-Guided Hunts from Two Bear Outfitters

Two Bear Outfitters offers a semi-guided economy hunt for those who wish to hunt on their own. This hunt is run out of
our main base camp and affords the hunter the freedom of hunting on their own, at their own pace. When you return to base camp, supper will be on the stove and your tents will be warm.

This hunt takes the time-consuming chores of cooking and cleaning out of the way so you can enjoy camp and focus on your hunt. In the evenings after supper, we will discuss the day's events, pull out the maps, and strategize for the next day. A guide will accompany the hunters out into the field on one or possibly more days. All quartering, packing, and caping will be done by us.

These are good quality hunts in the heart of big bull country, but we recommend a certain amount of elk hunting experience for participants.


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The ability to read and understand maps or GPS systems is important. We scout our areas nearly year-round, and by the time you join us, we will have a good idea where you can find the elk.

We know where the active wallows, the bedding areas, natural licks, travel routes and feeding areas are located, and the use of a map or GPS is essential. This is a horseback base camp hunt, but you will be able to access quality elk hunting right out of camp on foot. It is common to hear bulls bugling right out of camp in the mornings, evenings, and through the night. Two Bear Outfitters respects and appreciates folks wanting to do their own hunt, on their own terms, and we are committed to making your time with us as successful as possible.

A typical day in the life of a semi-guided hunter goes as follows: We give the breakfast wake up call on a star-filled brisk morning. A breakfast of eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, muffins, oatmeal, coffee and juice is served in the main dining tent. The outfitter will go over the day's strategy with all, prior to embarking on the day's hunt. Each hunter will pack their lunch with sandwiches prepared by the camp cook and choose from a cafe style selection of candies, cakes, chips, apples, oranges and other lunch treats for a lunch they will enjoy. Semi-guided hunters leave and hunt at their own leisure, with most leaving in the dark and returning to camp after the sun has sunk in the western sky. Upon return to camp, we all discuss the day's events and the packer prepares to pack out whatever game was harvested. A supper fit for a king is served complete with desserts made from scratch in our camp oven. Hot showers are taken in the heated shower tent and the next day's planning gets underway. A few stories, most true, or at least partially true, are told around the base camp fire before we retire for the night.

Two Bear Outfitters Lodge Hunt RatesDrop Camps from Two Bear Outfitters

Nestled quietly among the towering pine and next to a healthy crystal clear mountain stream lies the Two Bear drop camp. It has been said that outfitters put clients in drop camps away from the good elk hunting and guided clients.

At Two Bear Outfitters, that statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. You are in the middle of big bull country filled with rubs, wallows and trails. Frankly, our spike camp is awesome. So awesome that we sometimes conduct guided hunts out of it if it isn’t being used.

We certainly recommend that hunters have some elk hunting experience under their belts and some comfort level with being in the wild. If you can call elk during archery, and don’t need a guide, then this is the hunt for you. We even supply the food! If you're serious about getting elk involvement, and want to do it on your own, this is a must-try camp.

These spike camps are designed to be for the hunters who are experienced in the backcountry and want to rely on their own skill and ability. They are fully equipped with wall tents, sleeping cots, wood stoves, a small kitchen stocked with fresh food, lanterns, wood, latrine, and fresh water.

We will pack clients and their gear by horseback to camp. Clients will then be informed on the particulars of hunting that area and relate it to a topographical map. These hunts can be very productive, as the area is in the middle of big bull country.

Our guides will check in to pack out any game you have taken and assist in any way possible. We supply two-way radios for daily communication with base camp.

Two Bear Outfitters Lodge Hunts Two Bear Outfitters Lodge Hunt Rates
Late Season Elk/Deer Hunts

These hunts are geared for the hunter who wants a nice hot shower and a dry warm cabin to sleep in. The lodge is rustic and has the Montana draw folks coming to enjoy it.

We will be hunting over a million acres on the Bitterroot National Forest and travel by 4X4, horse-back and afoot. The heavy snows in the high-county push and consolidate the elk and deer to about ½ the area they would normally be on which greatly increases your chances of success.

We mainly hunt the burns which work well for spot and stalk as well as open park slopes and ridges. This area is producing some of the best bulls and bucks in the state. There is limited draw permits on mule deer buck that produce 180+ class deer.
There is also a very good opportunity for taking white-tail as they will be in full rut. This area is kicking out some of the top trophies in the state.

One of the big advantages of lodge hunting is the ability of hunters to move about and work different areas. This time of year, the Pintler Migration is also a possibility. When the migration is on elk pour out of the Pintler Range and right through our core hunting areas. During this time the elk hunting can be phenomenal! Late season does not guarantee a migration, but it almost always guarantees cold and snow, which is key to rifle hunting success. Our lodge hunts are very successful and a great way to cover a lot of territory and be where the elk are. Finish a hard day of hunting off with a hot shower, great meal, and a warm bed. Our lodge is can sleep 4-6 people, with private bath, private fully equipped kitchen, private laundry, flat screen TV with blue ray and video library stocked with outdoor adventure videos and satellite. Come join us a great late season winter lodge hunt!.

Jeremy and client shake hands on a hunt at Elk Outfitters Packing bull in snow 2015 at Two Bear Outfitters

Lodge accommodations available year round. $129.00/night/person.
Group discounts available. Call for availability.

Lodging and 3 squares a day (meals) are included in these hunts. Enjoy our Montana style lodge when you are not hunting!

Elk Outfitters Lodge in Hamilton Elk Outfitters hunting camp
Two Bear hunting lodge in Hamilton Montana Drop camp hunting at Two Bear Outfitters in Montana

Two Bear Outfitters Spring Bear Huntsblack bear spring hunts

While most outdoorsmen find themselves rummaging through their camp gear and tackle box in the spring, at Two Bear Outfitters, we are getting ready for hunting! As the snow recedes off the mountain slopes and the weather begins to warm, the bears start finding their way out of their winter dens.

The southern slopes, avalanche shoots, and old logging roads make for some tasty grass that the bears seek. The bears are on the move, hungry and needing to replenish calories burned over the winter months.

Spring bear season in Montana is a fantastic time to be about in the mountains.

Our bear season is spot and stalk fair chase only. The use of bait or hounds is forbidden in the state of Montana. Your weapons can include rifle, pistol, or archery tackle.


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In 2010 Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks extended the spring bear season in our Bear Management Unit (BMU) by an additional two weeks due to the high bear population trend. We are seeing some big bears with multiple color phase. Phases include black, blonde, chocolate, cinnamon, and even a few multi-colored black/blonde and cinnamon/chocolates!

Our permits cover the Bitterroot national forest. We access the mountains via four-wheel drive and ATV's. We spend the day glassing and stalking to within range of our trophy.

When a bear is taken, we employ our horses and mules to retrieve the bear if necessary. Field dressing and caping/skinning are done by us. We have three 6-day hunts available running as scheduled.

To book your hunt today call
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Two Bear Outfitters Moose Hunts
This is a draw only hunt and usually runs in conjunction with our wilderness hunts. 100% success if you draw a tag.
Application deadline, postmarked by May 1.

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Hunting District 270

Price $753 for license


Two Bear Outfitters Lodge Hunt Rates